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An Honest Review of the Unity Interface in Ubuntu 11.04

Unity from the Eyes of a Gnome-Shell User

I was playing with aptitude… trying to install… or upgrade? Or was I downgrading something? Does it even matter? So.. well, I messed up my libc6.. Yes, people.. I messed up the C library. It’s like the worst thing you can do to your OS. And I did it.

So what then? The only command that worked on my system was cd. (Not quite what I needed, eh?) I even had to shutdown my PC by turning off the power switch. Yea.. so there I was… messed up system, lots of time at hand. What did I do? I installed Ubuntu.

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Gnome 3 on my PC

Trying out gnome-shell on Debian

It’s been a fortnight since Gnome 3 was launched (6th April 2011) and today I got my hands on Gnome3 for the first time. The highly anticipated Gnome-Shell that’s supposed to make all other desktop environments archaic finally arrived at Debian‘s doorsteps (available for amd64 and i386 platforms right now). Well, it’s still in the experimental repositories but I was feeling impatient, so I decided to download the experimental version. Read more…

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