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How to add a border to a selection in GIMP

If you wanted to add a border only to a selection and not the complete image, then you should read this other post BorderToImage

Choose the part of the image to which you want to add the border. For a comprehensive guide on selection in GIMP, read

Geekum Selection

Selected Image

I’ve chosen the large text in the middle for bordering.

Border Selection Dialog

Border Selection

Now click on Select->Border

Specify the width of the border and choose the units.

Choosing feather border will cause the selection intensity to decrease slowly, thus giving a smooth border.

If lock selection to image edges is not selected, then the selection might change upon contact with the image borders.

Now click OK. You’ll notice that the border of the selection has been automatically selected. You may now fill it with any colour/gradient as you’d like.

Image after bordering selection

Selection Bordered

This is the final outcome that I got after filling the selection. Note that it is possible to fill the selection at once by pressing shift while using the fill tool.


How to add a border to an image in GIMP

If you wanted to add a border only to a selection and not the complete image, then you should read this other post BorderToSelection

To add a border to an image in GIMP, open the image first (make it the active window).

Wordpress Icon

Before Adding a Border

I chose the above figure because.. well.. I don’t know.. I just did

Add Border dialog box

Add Border

Now click on Filters->Decor->Add Border…

Choose the width of the border horizontally and vertically. The Delta value of the colour determines how “3-D” the border appears. Experiment with it till you’re satisfied and then press OK

Image after adding a border

WordPress Icon - Bordered

Voilà! There you have it. The image has a border now.

Things Every New Linux User Should Know

Easing into using a Linux distro

Many users who switch to Linux from Windows™ in search of a free alternative are disheartened to see that things Linux does things differently. A few of them stick to Linux and learn, but most of them declare it difficult and go back to using Windows™. Linux is not really a difficult operating system; It’s just… different. There are a few things that become second nature to a Linux user which seem alien to a new user. I’ve made a list of a few things that I find absolutely necessary for every new user to know.

Bear with the ™ signs. I’m very afraid Microsoft™ will sue me otherwise

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