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Gnome 3 on my PC

Trying out gnome-shell on Debian

It’s been a fortnight since Gnome 3 was launched (6th April 2011) and today I got my hands on Gnome3 for the first time. The highly anticipated Gnome-Shell that’s supposed to make all other desktop environments archaic finally arrived at Debian‘s doorsteps (available for amd64 and i386 platforms right now). Well, it’s still in the experimental repositories but I was feeling impatient, so I decided to download the experimental version. Read more…


The Innovision Website and NTH :)

This blog is not just another howto blog, but also my personal computer blog. The past few weeks have been very busy and interesting for me. Since the previous posts have all been guides, this time I’d like to share with you what geeky events have been going on in my life. 🙂

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How to install Microsoft .Net platform on computers not connected to the Internet

More and more Windows (and sadly even Linux) applications are being developed on the .NET platform nowadays. To run these applications, a client machine needs to have an appropriate version of the .NET platform installed. Since web installers for all the .NET platforms (for Windows) are freely available on the official Microsoft site, this shouldn’t be a problem for anyone with a decent internet connection. However, Microsoft seems to be hell-bent on pushing the web installer over the offline installer, because all links (AFAIK) point to the web installer. A web installer is fine – even great – but there are situations where you absolutely need an offline installer – for computers not connected to the internet (6.9 percent of the Indian population have access to the Internet. Which is still a huge improvement from this), or in situations where you need to install the platform on many computers simultaneously (like I did. Will  post about it later 🙂 )

So I searched. No luck at first, but after some heavy googling, I found a blog post that had links to these official offline installers. In the spirit of the blog, I’m sharing the information with you. Since the versions are backward compatible, downloading the latest version will suffice in most conditions, but it is possible that older programs may occasionally misbehave. So download the appropriate version wherever needed. Read more…

Things Every New Linux User Should Know

Easing into using a Linux distro

Many users who switch to Linux from Windows™ in search of a free alternative are disheartened to see that things Linux does things differently. A few of them stick to Linux and learn, but most of them declare it difficult and go back to using Windows™. Linux is not really a difficult operating system; It’s just… different. There are a few things that become second nature to a Linux user which seem alien to a new user. I’ve made a list of a few things that I find absolutely necessary for every new user to know.

Bear with the ™ signs. I’m very afraid Microsoft™ will sue me otherwise

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Which Linux Distro Should a Newbie Choose?

“There are currently over six hundred Linux distributions. Over three hundred of those are in active development, constantly being revised and improved.” – Wikipedia

To a Windows user this number must (definitely) sound ridiculous. Why the hell are there so many Linux-based OSes?? Well, that’s because Linux is all about choice. Anyone can use, modify and distribute it, thus making his own Linux distro. Distrowatch does a good job of providing information about many of these distros. However, a Linux newbie doesn’t want to ‘make’ his own OS. He just wants to choose a good general-purpose Linux distro and hope it suits him. Luckily there are a few distributions that do just that. Read more…

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