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How to connect to Gnome IRC using Empathy?

Once you do this, it seems very trivial, but it might not be the most intuitive thing for the inexperienced. This basically works for any IRC not in the default list.

Go Edit->Accounts and click to add a new IRC account (Choose IRC from the drop-down menu next to ‘What kind of chat account do you have?’). Now click on the button below the label ‘Which IRC network?’ (usually it would say ‘freenode’).

Here you will have a list of available networks. Gnome will usually not be a part of it. Click on Add

Add/Edit Network

Add Network Dialog

Make sure that the server address is Try pressing Edit to check again

Now you’re set. Your account will look like the following

Add IRC Account

Add IRC Account

To join any room, click on Room->Join


Change the Windows Button Layout to get the Close button in Gnome-Shell 3.4 to the left

[note: Users of Gnome-Shell 3.2 and 3.0 can still use the earlier method detailed here]
You might have installed Adwance GTK3 theme and looking forward to adding this last Ubuntu touch. Or maybe you simply like the buttons on the left. This post is for you. The methods mentioned here are very simple and harmless. You can change back to the default when you feel like it.
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Accessing Wikipedia during SOPA Blackout?

Wikipedia along with some other major websites have decided to openly protest SOPA and PIPA on 16th January 2012, and I’m every bit in favour. The English version of the website will load a black page instead of your article. However, the world doesn’t stop.. the assignments do not stop.. the world definitely needs Wikipedia for that one last minute reference. So what to do?

Turn off that Javascript! That’s right. Wikipedia is using Javascript for the blackout. So if you simply turn it off, you can access Wikipedia like any normal day. Your browser specific instructions for turning off Javascript are given at last.

An alternative would be to use Wikipedia in some other language. But given the quality of articles in other languages, this is not always practical.

Some sites have suggested pressing the Esc key right at the moment you want the loading to stop. If done correctly, you can stop the black page of protest from loading, but you need to be Ninja-quick for this to work flawlessly every time (easier if you are using a dial-up connection).¬†Also think means you cannot start any tab in the background since you’d always have to press Esc to stop it from loading fully.

Lifehacker has a nice article on using Wikipedia offline if you want to ration against any further outages (Oh yea! That’s what I think this is).

So! Happy researching!

Google Chrome/Chromium:

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Mozilla Firefox:

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Internet Explorer (9):

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