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Change the Windows Button Layout to get the Close button in Gnome-Shell 3.4 to the left

[note: Users of Gnome-Shell 3.2 and 3.0 can still use the earlier method detailed here]
You might have installed Adwance GTK3 theme and looking forward to adding this last Ubuntu touch. Or maybe you simply like the buttons on the left. This post is for you. The methods mentioned here are very simple and harmless. You can change back to the default when you feel like it.

This step can be performed in two ways. Either from the terminal, or using “dconf Editor”. The terminal method is very straightforward and fast, while the dconf Editor method has a GUI. Choose either one.

  • Using dconf (terminal)
  • Using dconf Editor (GUI)

Using the Terminal

This is as simple as it gets. Fire up the terminal and run the following command to move the close button to the left

(Fedora 17: gsettings set button-layout "close")
dconf write /org/gnome/shell/overrides/button-layout '"close:"'

You can also add minimize/maximize buttons by using

dconf write /org/gnome/shell/overrides/button-layout '"close,maximize,minimize:"'
(Fedora 17: gsettings set button-layout "close,minimize,maximize")

You can play around with the positioning of the buttons by changing the order of close, maximize, minimize and space(:) to suit you. For example,dconf write

/org/gnome/shell/overrides/button-layout '"close:maximize,minimize"'

would place the close button on the left and give you the maximize and minimize buttons on the right side.

Using dconf Editor (GUI)

Install dconf Editor (dconf-tools) from the repositories

dconf Editor

1. Fire up the Configuration Editor from the Overview. Initially the Configuration Editor will look like the above figure
Find the key
2. Navigate to
3.Edit the key button_layout and give it the value close:

The correct key value has been set. You may close the configuration-editor and move onto the next step.

Change key value

To reverse the effect, run

dconf write /org/gnome/shell/overrides/button-layout '"close:"'

Or click on Set to Default in dconf Editor


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3 thoughts on “Change the Windows Button Layout to get the Close button in Gnome-Shell 3.4 to the left

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  2. You just made my night, thank you so much !

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