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Code for Lamport Timestamps Algorithm in Java

This is my assignment for Distributed Operating Systems (If you’re in UoP then you know what I mean). For the sake of computer science students like me I’ll try to upload my assignments here from now on. You’re free to download and use the source code for reference, but I would discourage using the code directly. Basically do not claim to have done the program yourself and you’re fine. 🙂

To download the file directly, click on the following link

Click [here] if that doesn’t work for you.


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13 thoughts on “Code for Lamport Timestamps Algorithm in Java

  1. Amit B. on said:

    Thanx alot for this program ……..

    — Amit B.
    From MIT Pune (UoP).

  2. Praful K on said:

    Thanks Pawan Hegde ………….:D

  3. Dhaval Shah on said:

    nice job

  4. Ojus Save on said:

    Thank U buddy,
    You were really helpful

  5. ThankYou So much…

  6. thanks so much.. hope it helps

  7. thanx alot

  8. hey thanx a lot…:)

  9. pooja on said:

    thanks frm kkwieer,nashik

  10. I cannot find the source code in the given link.Could you please help me in getting the code.I’m really in need of that.


  11. Lukas on said:

    Yeah thanks! Very interesting, helped me allot in my DoS lesson 😀

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