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How to Move the Close Button in Gnome-Shell to the Left Like Ubuntu?

[note: Users of Ubuntu 12.04 with Gnome 3.4 installed please check the updated post for the method that will work for you]

You might have installed Adwance GTK3 theme and looking forward to adding this last Ubuntu touch. Or maybe you simply like the buttons on the left. This post is for you. The methods mentioned here are very simple and harmless. You can change back to the default when you feel like it.
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An Honest Review of the Unity Interface in Ubuntu 11.04

Unity from the Eyes of a Gnome-Shell User

I was playing with aptitude… trying to install… or upgrade? Or was I downgrading something? Does it even matter? So.. well, I messed up my libc6.. Yes, people.. I messed up the C library. It’s like the worst thing you can do to your OS. And I did it.

So what then? The only command that worked on my system was cd. (Not quite what I needed, eh?) I even had to shutdown my PC by turning off the power switch. Yea.. so there I was… messed up system, lots of time at hand. What did I do? I installed Ubuntu.

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