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Things Every New Linux User Should Know

Easing into using a Linux distro

Many users who switch to Linux from Windows™ in search of a free alternative are disheartened to see that things Linux does things differently. A few of them stick to Linux and learn, but most of them declare it difficult and go back to using Windows™. Linux is not really a difficult operating system; It’s just… different. There are a few things that become second nature to a Linux user which seem alien to a new user. I’ve made a list of a few things that I find absolutely necessary for every new user to know.

Bear with the ™ signs. I’m very afraid Microsoft™ will sue me otherwise

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Which Linux Distro Should a Newbie Choose?

“There are currently over six hundred Linux distributions. Over three hundred of those are in active development, constantly being revised and improved.” – Wikipedia

To a Windows user this number must (definitely) sound ridiculous. Why the hell are there so many Linux-based OSes?? Well, that’s because Linux is all about choice. Anyone can use, modify and distribute it, thus making his own Linux distro. Distrowatch does a good job of providing information about many of these distros. However, a Linux newbie doesn’t want to ‘make’ his own OS. He just wants to choose a good general-purpose Linux distro and hope it suits him. Luckily there are a few distributions that do just that. Read more…

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